How Motherhood has Changed Me

I didn’t really think about it, or expect it, but becoming a mother has forever changed me.

Here are a few standouts:

  1. WINE. I definitely drink more often now that I am a parent. I drink less in one sitting (because I’m breast feeding), but drink more often. Because I feel like I’ve really earned it. I have earned it.
  2. This one gets me hot under the collar. I think barking dogs, V8’s and loud motorbikes should be banned in suburbs. They all wake up my sleeping baby! Before having a baby I could not care less about these things.
  3. I wish we lived closer to my parents. My mum joked when we were house hunting: “The house down the street is for sale!?” I don’t think she was really joking though. I cringed at the thought of living in the same street as my parents. But now, in hindsight, living within a 5-10min drive would be so ideal for baby sitting or helping out when I need it.
  4. I appreciate my body so much more. I’m no longer obsessed with having the perfect body (although it would be nice). I am happy if I even get 1 workout in a week at the moment!
  5. I appreciate my own parents so much more. They had 4 kids. I don’t know how they did it, but my hat goes off to them!
  6. I’ve turned into an awkward dancing and singing mum.
  7. Nipples have gone from being sexy, to being a small persons snack access.
  8. Before I buy any clothes, I ask the questions: But can you breastfeed in it? How quickly can I get my nipple out? Will those sequins stab Julian in the eye?
  9. I now understand parents, I don’t judge other parents, and I now know why they post so many pictures of their own children!
  10. I am less selfish. Before I fell pregnant I would get anti-wrinkle injections for my eyes and forehead, I LOVED THEM. They are a toxin and while pregnant and breastfeeding you cannot have them done. I don’t plan on giving up breastfeeding for a while, so my ageing face will have to suffer the consequences.
  11. I fear losing Brodie or Julian SO SO SO SO MUCH MORE. I just want to wrap them up in bubble wrap on the daily.


Hope you enjoyed. Soni (the weird singing and dancing mum)