How to be a Good Insta-Hubby

As I write this, I wonder who will actually read it, I wrote this just for fun, but I do have a few tips for anyone that’s on the other end of the camera.

Those who follow me, are well aware it’s normally my hubby, Brodie at the other end of the lens. It’s taken some training and many arguments, but he’s (almost) perfected behind the camera.

Here are a few tips from me!

  1. Don’t commit to taking photos when you are hangry. A hangry photographer teamed with a bossy insta-fame hunter will surely end in a quarrel and more importantly, shitty photos. And for you, as the photographer, this means, you will spend more time taking photos (to make up for the shitty photos), and we all know you don’t want that!  
  2. Ask your fame hunter if they have a photo of what they want it to look like. e.g. do they have inspiration for the photo? If you have a better idea of what they want their photo to look like, then you will nail the shot quicker!
  3. Don’t  you dare eat your food or drink your drink without permission first.
  4. ANGLES!! Don’t just stand in one spot snapping the photo from the same boring angle. You will please your fame-hunter much more if you put some effort in. Bend your knees, step to the side, what about a low angle? Or get on those stairs!! Boring photos just will not get the likes these days.
  5. LIGHTING. Is the picture too dark? Is their face in focus? Lighting is the MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to photography. Your subject will always look better if the light is coming from in front of them. Down lights/fluro lights are a no-no.
  6. Tap on the screen of your phone to focus on your fame-hunter. 
  7. Natural lighting is the best kind of lighting. 
  8. If you wouldn’t double tap on the photos you are taking, then why even bother!! If you think they will come out mediocre, tell your fame-hunter. Hell, even give them some cues, turn this way, chin up etc.
  9. Keep it straight. Line up the horizon if there is one. 
  10. 1 to 3 photos is totally unacceptable. Start pressing the camera even before they’re in position, and don’t stop until they’ve reached up to grab the phone back. 
  11. Lastly, remember, the more involved you are, and the more you TRY to enjoy taking the photos, the better they will be, the faster it will be over, and the happier your fame-hunter will be. 

If you’ve got any great tips you think would help all the insta-hubbies out there, I would love to hear them!


Soni 🙂