What’s in my Nappy Bag? (1-4 months)

Ahh the dreaded nappy bag. I packed mine at 36 weeks pregnant, totally unaware of what I would actually need and use. Maybe I should have written what NOT to pack in your nappy bag! HA! Basically everything! You really don’t need much. 

I keep my nappy bag in the car at all times.

Now at 4 months post-partum, let me pull out what is actually in my nappy bag:

  • Nappies (der) I love BabyLove Cosi Fit and also Rascal & Friends. Although beware new mums, the Rascal & Friends doesn’t have a wetness liner.
  • Wipes! Of course I have the organic, natural wipes right? Nah, whatever is on special and doesn’t have weird ingredients in it. 
  • Nappy Bags – because sometimes there isn’t a bin around and you don’t want to find a week old nappy basking in the back of your sun-baked car do you?
  • Disposable or re-usable change mat
  • Spare set of baby clothes – for that time a poo explosion in public in necessary. Don’t forget to update that outfit once he grows! Rookie error, I did not update his outfit and was left at a pub, with a poo explosion and no clothes that fit!! 
  • Nipple pads – for those leaks
  • Baby red book – the one you need when you rock up at the doctors or child health nurse. 
That is seriously IT! 

Here are a few of my sometimes additions:

  • play mat
  • cloths (I have these in there all the time but never actually use them, but if you have a spewy baby you may need them
  • My haaka (for boobie pumping emergencies)
  • swim nappies (for the obvious)

Here’s the shit I added when I was pregnant and pulled out once I actually had a baby:

  • baby wash
  • baby moisturiser
  • vaseline
  • clothes for me (cause I don’t give a fuck)
  • all those shitty samples you get at baby classes
  • anything else that gets in the way of trying to actually find a nappy when you have a poo explosion in the back of the car on a hot day and you are late to an appointment.