Ways to Stay Active during Social Isolation/Covid19

Yesterday in Australia, gyms were closed down. Many people across the country lost a part of their day that brings them joy, motivation, laughs, sweat and endorphins. 

It’s a crazy time, March 2020, across the world. You may be asking yourself, how will I stay motivated? How will I exercise? What can I do so I don’t go crazy?

So I thought I would share a few ways to stay active while in lockdown:

  1. Go for a walk/jog. This is still allowed to do. Get out and get some fresh air. Walking is a great stress relivier. If you’ve always wanted to take up running but never had the time, well, now is your chance! Start with a walk 100m, run 200m, walk 100m, run 200m type scenario and go from there. You can even do interval walking, this is great for bonus fat burning, it’s the same idea, where you increase your speed for 30s, then slow down for 30s, keep that going for your whole walk and you’ll burn a lot more calories than normal! 
  2. Youtube some yoga or hiit workouts you can do in your lounge room. There are some great ones online for free.
  3. Buy a Kettlebell, dumbells or plate weight from Kmart and set up a gym in your garage. You can even hire equipment from some local gyms. Commit to training 3 times a week at least. Write down your workouts, and every week, slightly modify them or increase the intensity. 
  4. Use the ‘step counter’ on your smart watch to track how many steps you do a day. Aim for at least 10,000. 
  5. Jump onto Tic Tok and learn a dance. This is seriously fun and a good workout! I’ve spent hours leaning dances on Tik Toc, and if you do it with your partner/family its even more fun. 
  6. 3pm Dance party in the lounge room. Grab your partner/kids, throw on some party music and DANCE! You can even learn ballroom dancing on Youtube, any kind of dancing, it’ll be on there. 
  7. Learn a new Yoga pose or gymnastic skill. Think headstand, handstand, body weight training. Make yourself stronger in your time off. 
  8. Enlist an online PT. Someone who can Facetime you while you do the workout they’ve written you to keep you accountable. IF you are keen for this, I am totally open to take on new clients!
  9. Buy a 4 week exercise program from a PT who’s just lost their job. Then do it.

Stay inspired by checking out some good social media fitness accounts. Here are some of my fave:

  • @reviejane
  • @melissa_leman
  • @chontelduncan
  • @dannibelle
  • @primal.swoledier
  • @bretcontreras1
  • @linnlowes

If you want to share any of your tips or fave IG accounts, post below!! 

Coach Soni