How to Stay on Track this Silly Season

The Silly Season is upon us! This is the time of the year where all your hard work in the gym comes to fruition, only to be compromised by those festive Mince Pies, colourful Candy Canes and celebratory after-work drinks. It’s a fun time, an exciting time and in Australia, unfortunately, Christmas coincides with Summer. Which means, after your Christmas feasting and drinking, you will at some point have to expose those thighs or expanding belly in order to not die of heat stroke. Help is here! There is a way to avoid the dreaded Christmas belly, if you stick to a few simple rules. DRINK WATERDrink a glass between alcoholic beverages, and aim for around 2L of water over the day as well to stay hydrated. Had a bit too much to drink last night? Try a glass of water with a nip of apple cider vinegar or a squeeze of lemon in the morning to kick start that fresh feeling. MAINTAIN YOUR GOOD HABITSThose good habits you’ve built all year should be fairly easy to maintain over the silly season. Eat home cooked meals when you can. Include protein in every meal. Include vegetables in every meal. Try not to associate a good time with over-indulgence. Be prepared and meal prep if you know you have a massive week ahead. If you have parties to attend all weekend, just make your weeks immaculate with your nutrition and training.  Aim to get enough sleep to combat afternoon sugar cravings (6-9hrs). TRAINProbably one of the most important parts, don’t stop training just because it’s holidays. You may just have to juggle your time a little better and MAKE TIME to train. The best time I found to fit in training is first thing in the morning, as your events and catch ups with friends are more than likely in the afternoons. Why not have a catch up with a friend over a walk or exercise?? Exercise increases happy endorphins, burns calories and reduces stress. The perfect combo for the silly season. 80/20When at events, before grazing over those delectable platters, work out which ones you want or would enjoy the most, and which ones probably aren’t the healthiest so you aren’t just scoffing all of them. Stick to the seafoods, grilled meats, colourful salads, nuts and the protein dense options. Avoid deep fried foods. WALK IT OFFSpend time with your loved ones on a lovely walk before sitting down for hours eating and drinking. Wake up early and embrace the holidays with a morning stroll. Walk the dogs/babies/kids. Get out and about with accidental activity (hello Boxing Day Sales). I must agree, that in the end, if you haven’t put on a little weight over Christmas, did you really do Christmas right? ENJOY IT. See you next year for my next Challenge 🙂

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