9 Week Core Control Program

Empower yourself through optimizing your core and pelvic floor. Learn and train with breathwork, strength work, posture and position over 9 amazing weeks. 

You are Worthy

During these 9 weeks, you will not only receive expert advice and participate in physio-approved sessions, but you will get wellness tips to expand your knowledge across health, affirmations to open your mind and accept your beautiful body and have access to a community of women on the same journey as you.


You will be guided through your week by myself, Soni, your strength and post-partum qualified coach. 


If you are ready to embrace change and give your body the strength it’s craving, keep scrolling…

How would I benefit from this?

Expect to see improvements in these areas:

  • leaking
  • diastus recti
  • heaviness/prolapse
  • posture
  • core strength
  • pelvic floor strength
  • sore lower back
  • bulging/sagging stomach
  • confidence
  • breathwork
  • education on training and your core/pelvic floor


See What My Clients are saying...

“I have definitely noticed my core feeling tighter. I really enjoyed doing it. I think it was a great addition to workouts postpartum ☺️"
“I loved the program. It is a busy time of year but I found it good for me to do as I slacked off on some of my other regular exercise so this program didn’t take too much time out of my day/week. I used the affirmations as my phone screensaver which worked well. My strength has definitely improved within.“

Core control
9 Week Program

Picture yourself 9 weeks from now. Stronger, feeling tighter and full of gratitude for your amazing body. You’re totally confident knowing you don’t leak any more, and might even try some box jumps or running at the gym this week. You’re moving in the direction your body craves. Your feeling empowered, knowing that you took the steps to look after yourself. The ultimate self care, that is, becoming stronger within so that you are able to give back to your family as a strong, confident mother.


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