Diaries of a Pregnant Trainer – Pt 3

You know, I had a theory, that being fit and strong for years prior to falling pregnant, that it would basically guarantee an easy, pain free pregnancy. I saw women who didn’t exercise go through painful stages, where hip pain and back pain was common. I assumed that it was because those women didn’t strength train, so they suffered a little more. Well, fuck that theory.

My new theory: Every BODY is different, so of course every PREGNANCY is different! Every baby is different, and every baby sits differently inside the belly, so how can I expect my pregnancy to be like the persons next to me? Although, I can imagine how much harder pregnancy would have been if I didn’t have strong, supportive muscles.



Here I am, week 25. (actually 24+6, which is this weird counting language mums-to-be use) I have had painful plantar faciitis (from my feet relaxing and flattening) which is the worst when your job is to be on your feet walking around for 8 hours a day. I have SI joint pain (which feels like a massive cork in your bum that keeps getting re-corked whenever you move) which stops me from exercising and even walking!! So I have banned exercise and I have put myself on a rest week.

I am on a baby-high though. My mood is great, I feel energised and happy. I actually want to exercise! I am eating well and being creative in the kitchen again. I am feeling crazy kicks and movements. I can even see my belly move now when he kicks! Brodie has even been feeling some big ones too! I have been buying a few little items of baby clothing and the little clothes are sooooo cute (I never thought I would ever hear myself say that).


Well it’s been a while, I must say, Trimester 3 has been my favourite. After seeing a chiropractor a few times from weeks 20-30, my pain has eased so much! He told me I was due for a relaxin hormone boost soon, and pretty much, the week after, my relaxin must have kicked in, and all my pains began to ease. So I have been able to exercise pretty consistently 2-3x a week since. Although heavily modified and at a reduced intensity. Single leg exercises are not my friend, they are probably what caused my SI joint pain in the first place, so I have now limited lower body exercises to ensure I don’t get pain the following day.

SUPPLEMENTS: Pregnancy vitamins daily. A fish oil or omega 3 supplement if I can remember. I also have the occasional turmeric latte at night, which baby either loves or hates. He kicks and squirms for hours after. Turmeric spice is meant to be great for inflammation and helps to boost the immune system. I was also given a birthing spray and oil to use leading up to labour, so I am going to start using that as of week 39!

SLEEP: Well. It was soooo great up until 37 weeks. Now because it feels like I have an octopus in my stomach, when he moves, I feel it. It’s like going on a roller coaster, you know when it drops really fast and your guts feel weird? Kinda like that! So now it’s alot harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. I only pee once a night still which is good. But I am finding I am awake in the early hours of the morning and can’t fall back asleep. Luckily I finished up work at 37 weeks, so if I have a shitty sleep, I can go back and nap during the day. Living the leisurely life right??

EXERCISE: 2 x weights sessions a week – light weights and higher reps. Focus on posterior chain (back and glutes) to prevent bad posture from increased load in my belly and chest. Usually walk for 30-40 mins 1 x a week. I walk so slow now. If I try keep a certain pace I end up with nerve pain through my hips. So I am literally walking as slow as the grandma down the road.

BODY: Although I have now put on 16kgs, which is a healthy weight to have gained, I really have an appreciation for what the female body is designed to do. It’s amazing. I try to remember to thank my body daily for what it is going through! Had a maternity photoshoot this week, I haven’t seen the photos yet, but the whole time I was self conscious about my legs looking chunky, how bad is that!? Although I know it’s mostly fluid. Surely those tim tams I’ve been eating don’t end up on the thighs 😉

FOOD: I have been a whiz in the kitchen and always cooking up healthy dinners for Brodie and I, but I am a bit slack when lunch time rolls around. I am so not motivated to cook or create something just for myself! So I will usually have whatever I can find in the fridge or pantry. Due to higher progesterone levels, digestion is slowed (as well as having a baby squishing the stomach), so I have more trouble with big meals. I find myself more snacking throughout the whole day. Water intake could be better too. Since I finished up at work, I am out of the habit of drinking water, so I am working on it.

BABY: Baby weighs around 3.3kgs, I had to get a follow up scan to make sure my placenta wasn’t too low, so we got to see bubba one last time before we meet him! His head is right down deep in my pelvis so we couldn’t get to see his side profile, although it’s fun to imagine which features he might have!

Well, not long now until we meet our baby, I still don’t understand the LOVE I am about to experience. I do plan on having my placenta encapsulated, so I will keep you all updated on how that goes!

Until then…. 🙂

Soni Jay