Diaries of a Pregnant PT

I coach alot of women, many are mothers, who tell me: Soni, don’t have kids. Wait another few years. I’m so tired all the time. You don’t know ‘tired’ until you have kids. I got 3 hours sleep last night. My kid power spewed in the car yesterday. Put off kids for a while, Soni. You’ve got plenty of time.

I didn’t listen.

I have many friends who have struggled to fall pregnant after competing in body building shows. As someone who competed for 2 years, I also wondered if I would struggle to fall pregnant too. Some of you may not know, but when you drop down in body fat to get to a lean ‘stage-ready’ physique, you usually lose your period for a couple of months (not a good thing). This can really mess with your hormones.

Well I was lucky. First month of trying and that little line popped up on the pregnancy tester. Well I shit myself. Brodie shit himself. Were we really ready for this, we haven’t got our shit together yet!? I guess you never are ready. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, is that NOBODY has their shit together. Not even at 30, 40, 50 or 60 when you think you should!! We all just bluff our way through life, doing the best we can at that point in time.

So I made a doctor appointment, and yep she confirmed. Pregnant. 5 weeks. Cool. Got blood tests. All good. She told me to take a pregnancy multivitamin. So I am. Although 1 or 2 times a week I do forget to take it. I hope thats ok. We won’t know until the baby comes out right? Am I a bad mum already?

6 weeks preggers. Oh hello ALL DAY SICKNESS. Hello forgetful Soni. Hello crazy irrational Soni. Hello super tired I can’t get off the couch Soni. Oh dear. This is horrible!!

I pride myself of loving eating salads and veggies. Guess what? Veggies gross me out. Salads are too flavoursome. Meat smells. Prepping food is wayyyyyyy too much effort. I feel like I have ran a marathon and I haven’t trained in 6 days. My muscles are tired. My brain is tired. My tummy is sick! Who said this was easy??? I can’t train (well I can train pitifully, hardly worth it). I need daily naps between split shifts. I’m craving all the carbs. Although on the plus side I am craving and eating alot of fruit. Brodie is great, when I can’t get off the couch, he washes the dishes and is happy to spend time with me on the couch. We told my parents via a sneaky chinese new year themed fortune cookie, and told Brodies family by putting a bun into our oven and have them discover it. That was pretty fun.

7 weeks pregnant. Same as above, plus add more pimples. My bosses are noticing my unusual forgetfulness, and crazier-than-normal attitude. Keep it together Soni. Pasta for lunch because all I feel like is carbs. Leftovers gross me out. I have wasted so much food lately. Headaches every night. Blocked ears all the time!!

8 weeks. Ok you better tell your bosses before they fire you for all those errors you keep making. Keep it together when training clients. Pretend you have energy. Sometimes pretending you are energetic brings in more energy. It seemed to work. It’s so tempting  to tell my clients that I am expecting! 8 week scan confirmed the bub is due on my birthday!! My 30th birthday. What a present. Hopefully it comes early or later. It was a very surreal moment to see my 1.1cm bubba come up on the scan, I sent the blob scan off to all my closest family members in excitement!

9 weeks. Clients are starting to notice I am looking tired and yawning all the time.  Blaming it on the big commute to work. Training still shit. Really only managing 2 x a week of resistance training. Sometimes I am so hungry I feel even more sick. Cry in the car on the way home because I feel so sick. Woe is me. On the plus side, nursery planning. Pinterest is my biggest time waster right now!

10 weeks. Feeling normal-ish some days. At the end of the day my belly is becoming obvious. How to hide it in gym tights? Impossible. Sickness is easing. I can’t help myself, and told a few clients I am expecting. I even teared up mentioning it. One of them mentioned she thought I looked as though I had just eaten too many hot cross buns. I probably have been eating too many hot cross buns…. and chocolate. Not sure if bump is the baby or chocolate now….

I am currently writing this at 11 weeks. It’s 10:45am on my day off. All I have managed to do today is feed the cat, eat muesli and go back to bed to do admin work from my comfy pillow. I can’t even muster the energy to get myself out of bed to make a coffee so I have more energy. Although I am finding cooking a lot easier this week! Gestational diabetes is on my mind since Easter. Did I eat too much chocolate? I hope I/we am ok. Do I refer to myself as a “we” now?

I am creating a miracle inside my belly. It’s crazy to think a human is growing inside me! I shouldn’t complain because many others crave what I am going through right now, but I just want to be open and honest about my journey (and every mamas journey is different).

As a fitness coach, I love to exercise. It’s been hard accepting that I cannot train the same for a while. It’s weird. I can feel my uterus stretching. When I do certain exercises, it feels as though I am overstretching through my stomach, so I am backing-off on certain exercises. I am currently studying Pre and Post-Natal Coaching, it actually perfect to learn about this as I am actually going through it.  Did you know that 50% of all women who are active, have some form of incontinence? It amazes me that this topic is never talked about. It’s hush-hush, when it shouldn’t be. I am so inspired by other pregnant women who I train at the gym, they still work hard and sweat it out many times a week. It impresses me!

So I am almost at the 12 week mark. When I release this, I will be past the 12 week mark, had my 12 week scan (yay) and will have shared my baby news with you all already! I will keep writing week by week to keep you up to date with all things pregnancy. Here’s hoping I can get back into veggies, and salads and yummy healthy foods again!

For now, I pray this fruit size baby is healthy.


Soni Jay



Your nipples feel like razor blades with shards of glass and an electric current that zaps them whenever they are touched or even push against a bra.

You get crazy irrational crazy. Like crazier than normal. Like punch people in the face angry.

You cry about everything. Even during commercials and TV shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

You body produces more mucus. Down there. It stops bacteria from entering the womb.

Your pee smells funny.

You actually forget stuff ALL THE TIME. Even simple words, like “leg” and “keys”. Apparently it’s due to less oxygen in your blood.

Morning sickness is actually all day sickness. You literally feel hungover and unwell ALL THE TIME.

Pimples. they keep coming. It’s like grade 8 all over again.

Your pores on your face enlarge and produce oil. How dare they! Hello grease face. Hello extra pimples!

Dry mouth at night. Drool mouth during the day. Spray drool while speaking, salivate like a starving dog. And, so thirsty!

Nipples become enlarged, weird, rugged soft mountains.

You get reflux/burp ALL THE TIME.

Hair grows faster, and not just on your head.  😉

You are always hot and sweaty, and uncomfortable. Like you’ve been trapped in a hot yoga class with a sweatsuit on.

That’s all I’ve got so far! I am sure I will add more. Hope you had a laugh like I did.


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  1. Loved this post Soni!! Will you be posting more updates ?? Thanks for sharing 🙂

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